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10 Tips to Take Care of Your Body As You Age

Aging can be defined in a lot of ways, however, to keep things brief, it can be referred to as progressive changes as you grow older. While the changes that are physiological that influence the age might derail the quality of life in your late 60s, 70s, and beyond from being what it was during your prime years, it is a naked truth that [Continue Reading]

How to Get Ready For Radiation Therapy Treatment

If you have to undergo a radiation therapy, prior planning for immensely helps in the treatment. The whole team of your radiation therapy will meet you in order to mentally and physically prepare you for the treatment session. The team members will include: A radiation oncologist who’s a cancer treatment specialist and [Continue Reading]

You Are What You Eat! Use These Diet Plans To Shed Excess Pounds!

When it comes to losing weight, the first question many people have is where to start. This and other questions will be answered, so keep reading. Below you will find some hints and tips on how to start losing weight. Always have healthy snacks on hand when you are on a diet. You should have a good sized plastic container that has a lid. [Continue Reading]

Why Mothers Should Do Yoga

I am not a Yoga teacher. Ive only attended about 3 Yoga classes although my gym offers Yoga classes. So, why am I writing about Yoga when I know nothing about it? I am curious thats my nature. And through the years, this curiosity has helped me develop a career as a freelance graphic designer and writer. And it is through a very weird [Continue Reading]

Drinking Water: Which One Is The Best?

Water, if it is to be considered drinking water, must be consumable by humans without causing illness or disease. Drinking water must be potable, that is, it must be clean, or drinkable. All life forms on earth require drinking water. Humans, in particular, require at least 64 fluid ounces, or 8 cups, of drinking water each day for [Continue Reading]